Hearthstone Carry Out Picnic Barn Style Box (Qty 125)

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34.25 LBS

Quantity per pack: 125
Item Dimensions: 9-1/16 x 7-1/16 x 5.00 in

Hearthstone design picnic barn style box is perfect size for a large boxed lunch or family picnic. New, patented, convertible locking feature on the handles allows the top of the box to fold flat for stacking and transport! Reassemble the top handles back into a barn box for an easy carry! The contemporary design makes everything seem like it is fresh from the kitchen. The warm colors and unique look provide the perfect finish to your food creations and will compliment any table at events, parties and gatherings. In addition to the appealing design, all Hearthstone items share a great environmental story. Each product is made of clay coated paperboard, which is created from a renewable resource and is highly recyclable and compostable when disposed in the proper facilities. The clay coating provides a clean, white surface for the interior of each product, and also provides a moisture barrier. Coordinates with Hearthstone design food trays and bakery boxes.